Turn Data into Insights with Debtor IQ

Combining past payment behaviour with other commercial credit information from Veda's bureau gives you a comprehensive view of the credit risk across your entire portfolio. This insight helps you to act quickly to help lower your overall exposure to risk.

Debtor IQ is your view into the payment experiences of your customers.

By combining the depth and breadth of commercial information from Australia's largest credit bureau, with detailed analysis of your customers' payment behaviour, Debtor IQ can help you:

  • Reduce bad debt across your commercial customer portfolio
  • Improve cash flow & profitability by effectively managing your credit terms
  • Reduce costs associated with debt recovery and collections
  • Manage your credit risk and get a clearer picture on your customers
  • Target customers who are spending more and paying faster
  • Improve your customer data quality to help you manage your customer information

Debtor IQ Premium

Debtor IQ Premium gives even more insight into the credit risk of your customers, including a weekly risk score for your accounts indicating the probability of a credit adverse event occurring in the next 12 months, quick links to target High Risk, Collectible or Performing accounts as well as Industry payment comparisons and more!

2013 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Best Product Innovation
2013 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Best New Product
2013 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Best e-Business Product